In helping people to scale their businesses we embed good leadership into their daily practice. We ask them to think what leadership involves, how can it be measured and what would make them see themselves as a good leader?

Scaling is a challenge of leadership, it is the juggling of personal mastery of time, education and passion with thought transference, of carrying others with you when they come with a very different set of perspectives and worldviews. It is the ability to be efficacious without sacrificing visionary zeal; to infect those around them with confidence, belief and sense of missionary purpose but to be reasoned andpragmatic. To be dangerous and combustible but also measured as assured. We are juggling the emotions and managerial acumen to deliver a business that is happy to search for the next foothold and point of leverage.

Many of the business owners we work with struggle, they battle daily with the desire to succeed with the suppressant nature of volatile cashflows and uneven traction. They constantly fight with the desire for longer term thinking and the need for short term responses. Our role is to help they find that balance, to look at short term tools that free up resources for long term thinking and activity that supports them in this journey. Start-ups are systems, raw in all ways, they have tender nerves that lead to fast feedback, but at times what feels like pain and is resisted could be the sensation you get when a new connection and new opportunity is being established.

We help owners communicate their passion and vision – to instil a sense of purpose, the shared outcome of what, how and why they are doing what they do and how they do it. To build emotional connections with an audience through a shared ethical outcome and make their business responsive to a shared purpose, financial and social in nature.

We take the humanistic nature of business and map processes that work with people rather than fight against their needs. We help leaders nurture talent, invest in their workforce and create a culture of open engagement and a common purpose. Accepting of challenges and happy to contribute, a workforce who see the business as an expression of their own personal moral code. We help owners develop the self-awareness to be confident and comfortable in their own skin, to embrace learning and build what is inherently a learning organisation. We give the business a pulse, a regular beat and rhythm from which all can gain from the power of synchronised activity and reflective practice. Scaling does not happen alone, no one person can scale – they can only facilitate the scaling process.

Scaling is a team effort, a monumental task of bringingindividuals to a state of harmonised alignment, where individuals have time and space for themselves but feel a real need to respond only for the collective good. Good leadership is hugely comfortable with autonomy, never fearful of others thinking for themselves because they are always thinking of the greater good. No one ever says this is easy and along the way you may come to regret certain acts of trust, but you will never regret the opportunity that this brings with fresh insight and new learning. Your goal as a leader is to establish and build trust, and that entails bringing together knowledge and experience into the combined weight of wisdom.

The ability to give others a voice, to listen to that voice and back their actions, accepting of your own reservations but strong in the belief that you do not have all the answers.

Perhaps the biggest thing we bring to people is the ability to be consistent in all that they do – and in doing so bring together the ingredients where the new is welcomed, learning is embraced, and success is shared.