Sitting in a room listening to someone drone on about theories and ideas is not the most empowering way of learning. It never worked for me. What works in my learning approach is engagement with problems, finding ways to use my years of experience to uncover the seeds of understanding that then grow to be a fresh piece of learning.

I have argued of late that entrepreneurial education is the means by which the entrepreneur gains a new level of understanding surrounding the discipline they are engaged with. It is not always but very likely to be social learning, that is learning which happens when people come together around a common theme and share ideas, use their different perspectives to take a fresh look at problems in an environment that is fun and engaging.

At the heart of this type of learning is practice, we want to experience situations and events that have led businesses into a decision making and problem solving mode with real outcomes. The more we do this, the more we reflect on why something happened the way that it happened and what occurred as a consequence, the more we learn. The better we are armed with thinking that takes our own real life choices in a particular direction.

There are many ways to gain a new perspective. We may revisit social media to learn how to use it in ways you may never have considered. Maybe as the means to manage your cash flow, or to use it as an effective mode of communication in leading people but, unless we are able to contextualise what we are rethinking through, it will struggle to come alive. Placing new thinking into situations that are both real but also resonate with our own challenges, then we are not building an armoury of weapons but building the castle that houses the armoury. Entrepreneurial education is about understanding from the holistic side. It is about taking the discipline and seeing it from the perspective of within as well as from above.

If we do this we stand a better chance to understand the potential that sits within the business. Many businesses, many entrepreneurs have shared and continue to share their journeys across multiple industries and facing many challenges. Our approach is to take that information, form it into case studies and then apply the rigour of analysis to it. To extract moments of clarity from the words and actions of those who have succeeded but also who have failed.  These case studies are then the basis of discussion and exploration from which we all learn.

The tools and thinking we then apply to these case studies include the creation of business model canvases that allow us to understand the narrative behind the nine building blocks of any business. The application of creative problem solving techniques such as systems thinking which looks for causality of choices, interconnections and interdependencies that lead to further insights and also design thinking, which considers the various stages of the design process that these entrepreneurs have been through, or perhaps should have been through.

People’s journeys are fascinating places to dwell. In your daily lives as busy entrepreneurs you manage your businesses doing those things you have done before and probably will do again tomorrow. You know that life gets complicated when you don’t want it to. You know that situations you manage and handle daily are being done to the best of your ability and that learning, well this is a luxury I can ill afford. But learning is the currency of good business, it is the means by which we can move both business and ourselves forward to a place where we want / need to be not perhaps were we are ambling towards. We don’t have a formula for success, but what we have is a natural inquisitiveness, and years of experiences full of wins and losses. We know education is the best way to impart wisdom and share this with our local entrepreneurial community.

Our aim is to help unravel complexity and provide entrepreneurs with the thinking that will lift the lid on any limiting beliefs they may have so that they can start think beyond the boundaries that contain them.

You are an entrepreneur, a practioner who can do more if only you believed in yourselves. Our framework and methodologies help you to engage with the situations that resonate with your own. We are the first to admit we are not motivational coaches delivering discrete skill building to an audience, there are many valuable practioners out there in this field, we are educators delivering a curriculum that then provides the confidence for entrepreneurial practioners to delve into their businesses further.  There will be times when this work will be hard, because educating ourselves should be both challenging and rewarding, but the outcome will be fresh insight and a belief that opportunity is there for the taking.

Relocon is an entrepreneurial education business supporting the local ecosystem with the sole purpose of helping aspirational entrepreneurs scale their businesses and create quality jobs for this region. We are made up of local entrepreneurs who believe in diversity and the values of constant learning. If you are interested in finding more than contact or visit the website